Friday, February 28, 2014

Closing Time

For five-and-a-half years, I've been proud to echo the words of Mr. John Hiatt and say, "Thank God the Tiki Bar is open!" Like all good things, however, this must come to an end. These blog pages started not as a cigar journal, but as a way for a group of friends to stay in contact and discuss the topics we had pursued when we gathered to partake of cigars. That…didn't really happen. I ended up being the only one to post anything for a very long time. Eventually Keith came on board and has been a faithful contributor and partner in this venture, but as we tried to maintain some growth, we ran up against a couple obstacles.

First, the name. While "the Tiki Bar" was a great name for our smoking group, it didn't translate quite so well to the inter-webs. For whatever reason "Tiki Bar Online" just doesn't scream, "We do cigar reviews!!!!!" Go figure. We have made many friends in the blogging community and in the cigar industry. We have gained the respect of our peers and insiders for the quality of what we produce, but it hasn't really translated into more regular readers. Not to say we aren't happy with those readers who have been with us seemingly forever and communicate with us frequently. I'm talking to you, Corey! Thank you (and everyone else) for you support.

Second, the platform. Several years ago a blogging friend told me to switch from to Wordpress. I checked it out and saw no reason…although I didn't have the whole story at the time. I didn't even realize that there was a difference between and Live and learn. Bottom line is…I should have listened to Barry. Changing over then would have been a chore involving a couple hundred blog entries. Now the challenge is over 1,800 Tiki Bar blog entries and more every day.

So moving from blogger to wordpress would have meant a massive amount of work to stay on the same domain with the same problems that would have brought. Instead, Keith and I chose to burn down the Tiki Bar.

Okay…not literally, as shown in the picture (an actual tiki bar in Key West burned down), but figuratively. And we aren't leaving. We are taking the figurative insurance money from the fire and starting a whole new venture.

Today will be the final blog post for Tiki Bar Online, although the domain will remain active for an uncertain amount of time while we move our archives to our new site.

Starting Monday, March 3, 2014, we want to welcome you to check out, a site dedicated to reviews for cigar and pipe smokers. Have a great weekend.


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    1. You've been waiting a long time to say that to me! LOL

  2. Where do I begin........ First I would like to point out the Fact that the Tiki Bar would not be what it was with out the Help of a Few Great people.... But I'm not going to name them all.. Just one... Corey he has been a dedicated and very loyal reader, and the true foundation of what the Tiki Bar is all about. Corey has been a very active contributor to the comment section reading and re-reading all of the great posts here and I can't say enough about how well informed and what great feedback he has given the Tiki Bar. Now I do hope somebody will Tell Corey on Monday of the new website and remind him not to keep checking the "old" website for updates, you know he isn't that computer savvy. So its been Great reading all of Corey's comments and I do hope he remembers to head over to the new site and continues to leave very insightful and well thought out comments. Best of Luck Corey!!!!

    Oh and to the Guys who actually get shit done on this Site.. Thanks again for keeping a cigar nerd, who doesn't know his head from a hole in the ground, informed about whats really going on in the World of Tobacco. I have truly enjoyed hitting up your site every day and can't wait to see what you guys have instore for the new venture. I wish you nothing but the best and look forward to the new site... Maybe I should get my own Sticker or Picture on the site as the worlds best blogg follower LOL. Guys thanks again! You always make my day!

    C out!

    Burn this Mother Down!