Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cigar Review: Frank Herrera Biography

Vitola: Robusto
Size: 5" x 5 ring gauge
Price: about $6.25
Review Sample

I met Frank at the first Chattanooa Tweetup after missing him a couple times on his trips out to the LA area.  I was able to try La Caridad del Cobre at that event.  At this year's tweetup I was very excited to see the "new to me" biography as one of the cigars Frank sent us to give away.  Dave did a review on it here.  I was only able to smoke one cigar for this review.

The wrapper on this cigar was a nice medium brown in color with both lighter and darker mottling to it.  The cap was kind of odd looking.  It looked like a triple cap that maybe someone had used a little too much tobacco to make.  There were also some scattered medium veins to it as well.  As I put my nose to the wrapper I got a fairly intense aroma of leather with lots of barnyard coming form the foot.  When I gave it a squeeze there was a slight amount of give but no soft spots.  After clipping it and taking a cold draw I got notes of chocolate with a good draw.   

The cigar starts off with some leather, lots of chocolate, and a hint of graham.  The second third saw flavors of chocolate, coffee with a hint of cinnamon.  As I finished off the cigar I didn't really get much change in what flavors I noted, just the intensity that they showed up on the palate.  The cigar started off in the upper end of medium and finished off firmly in the full range with a slight nicotine hit present.

I had some issues with the draw being a little tight after lighting up the cigar that were solved by the bleeder tool on my MTX.  The burn was a little wavy but nothing that I needed to get the lighter out for.

The $6.25 price for this cigar is a great value in my opinion.

I definitely enjoyed this cigar a lot more than La Caridad del Cobre maduro which was my previous favorite Frank Herrera Blend.  I do think that most could handle the strength.  If you like the flavors of chocolate, coffee, cinnamon and leather you should definitely give it a try.  I'll be picking a few more up when I get the chance.  You can get yours here.

Prelight: 2/2
Construction: 1.5/2
Flavor: 4/5
Value: 1/1

Total: 8.5/10

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  1. Nice review Keith, I have had my fair share of La Caridad del Cobre and ehhh to say the least. I haven't heard of the Frank Herrera before if I see these local I'll pick one up the flavors you described sound like I would enjoy them... Question how do you like the Xikar MTX tool?