Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cigar Preview: Via Havana Maduro

Robusto, 5” x 52 ring gauge / MSRP ?

This cigar is one of the new releases at the show I had never heard about.  The owner of the shop stopped by because he had requests to bring this cigar in.  The cigar comes in four different wrappers, a Connecticut, corojo, maduro dulce, and the subject of this review the maduro.  They all come in the same five sizes, 5" x 52, 6" x 52, 6.5" x 52 belicoso, 7" x 52 and 6" x 60.  I don't know how many come in a box, but I'm going to guess 20 if I remember the packaging correctly.  There isn't much information on the blend on the website other than this has an Ecuadorian maduro wrapper.  This was a show sample and the only one of these I smoked.

The wrapper was a nice even dark chocolate brown with a slightly reddish tint to it.  The wrapper showed lots of oils and tooth.  It felt slightly velvety to the touch.  The excess wrapper was folded over the foot, although I'm not sure if I like that trend.  It seems to create flaky ash that gets everywhere.  The band is very colorful with a drawing of late 50's classic American cars on what I'm guessing is supposed to be streets of Havana.   Giving the cigar a squeeze I don't find any soft spots with it being fairly firm as well.  Putting my nose to the wrapper I noted the aroma of leather, while chocolate came from the foot.  After clipping it and taking a cold draw on it I tasted notes of chocolate and cinnamon with a great draw.

The cigar starts off with a good blast of spice on the retrohale and a tingle on the tongue.  After a few puffs the flavors of chocolate and leather start coming through.  A little farther in I get some coffee and cinnamon flavors added in as well.  One sensation that I don't get a lot while smoking is I started to get a bit of the burn down my throat.  The draw was perfect and it produced a large volume of smoke.  The burn was wavy but I decided to see if it got better before correcting it.  I would classify this cigar in the medium full range to start.

The second third didn't see much change in the cigar.  The spice toned down but that was about it.  The burn did almost even itself out.

As I moved into the final third again nothing much changed.  Now that doesn't mean I was bored with it, just that the flavors were pretty consistent all the way through.  I did get a slight nicotine hit from it during this third.

Overall this was an enjoyable cigar.  While not the most complex it was a very solid maduro blend.  I do think that those who are sensitive to nicotine might have a problem with it being too strong.  I'm really curious for my regular shop to get them in to see what the price point is.


  1. Thanks for the review, Keith. Sounds intriquing as long as the price is right.

  2. I went to an event in Houston with the owner of the company. Ended up buying a mixed box, half Connecticut and half maduro. They also threw in 6 that were Maduros treated with syrup. He says this changes it completely but not to be confused with an infused type blend. To tell the truth the Connecticuts have been so good that I haven't gotten around to the maduros. Just a great morning cigar with coffee. My advisor at the brick and mortar rates the maduro with the Cabigjuan maduro...high praise. The blender says he had to let the maduro sit for a year before he could put them on the shelf. He also said he doesn't cook the wrapper like many maduros do. So if the maduro is even close to the Connecticut I've hit the jackpot.

  3. Love the Connecticuts and Maduros, have not had the Corojo yet