Thursday, September 1, 2011

Contest for the Month of September

A week or two ago I was contemplating all the good fortunes and milestones we have had recently on the Tiki Bar Online. I'll list a few...
  • We co-hosted our first big event in the Chattanooga Tweet-Up. It was such a success that plans are afoot for next year's "sequel" to be bigger and better.
  • I celebrated 10 years of enjoyment of cigars.
  • We celebrated 3 years of continuous publication as "the Tiki Bar Online." (We tried to make all the rookie mistake the first year and a half, then got serious and turned it into a real cigar blog after that.)
  • We recorded 3 record-breaking weeks in a row in terms of unique visitors and 2 of those 3 weeks were also records in total pageviews.
  • We hit a nice milestone number in terms of total unique visitors since I started tracking visitors to the blog just over 20 months ago.
  • We are continuing to steadily grow our audience...our traffic through 8 months of this year is 50 percent higher than ALL of 2010.
Anyway, I was talking to Keith and expressing the many reasons we have to be happy at the moment with the way this whole "blogger" thing is going. He said, "Maybe we should have a contest!" And I said, "That's a great idea!"

We have relied in the past on vendors to sponsor our contest giveaways, but this time around we thought we would do things a little differently.

Keith and I have each picked out two different 5-packs of cigars from our own personal collection. We are going to give away one 5-pack each Friday, from September 9 through 30. We won't be telling you what is in these ahead of time, but rest assured each 5-pack will be a good mix of cigars.

I'll have to admit that our contest creativity is not all that high...when we tried to be more creative, though, almost no one entered, so...back to simple and effective...

  1. Leave a comment on any new blog post during the week, Friday through Thursday. Anything left from 12:00 a.m. Eastern time on Friday through 11:59 p.m. Eastern the following Thursday will be eligible to win the 5-pack being given away that Friday.
  2. Only blog posts from that given week will be eligible for contest entries.
  3. One comment per blog post will be allowed, which should give you about 5 chances to enter each week's contest.
  4. You will only be allowed to win one of the four 5-packs, so that we will have four different winners.
  5. If the comments section will not allow you to leave a comment (it happens...I'm not sure why), e-mail your comment to and we will consider that an entry.
  6. Please be sure to leave some method of contacting you should you win...a Twitter name if you have one, or log in using an e-mail address...or just send me the e-mail as described in #5 above. If I can't figure out who you are or how to contact you...another winner will be chosen.
  7. Winners will be chosen at random on the following dates: September 9, September 16, September 23, and September 30. Winners will be announced sometime that day.
If you have any other questions, send me an e-mail or leave a comment below...
Thank you for all the support in the last year and a half...Good Luck!


  1. Joseph aka @mango2kwSeptember 2, 2011 at 8:28 AM

    "Thank god the tiki bar is open, thank god the tiki torch still shines!
    Thank god the tiki bar is open, come on in and open up your mind!"


  2. I first came here because I thought it was the titty bar and quickly realized it was the Tiki Bar and about one of my other favorite things, cigars. I keep coming back, good job guys!

  3. Keep up the good work guys and I'm planning my trip to Chattanooga around next years tweetup....

  4. Well your contest and rules are perfect........
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  5. Hello Dave, just found your site, very nice, will be reading your next reviews. Thanks for the contest.