Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cigar Review: Studio Tobac Cain Daytona 543

Corona, 5" x 43 ring gauge / $4.75

With Sam Leccia leaving Oliva Cigars at the end of last year the company has decided to create a new sub brand called Studio Tobac. This will have all of the Cain, Nub and any new potentially experimental releases. The Cain Daytona is their first release with the new division. The cigar is billed as a little less strong than the other Cains, but still full flavored. This cigar's fillers and ligero are all from the Jalapa region of Nicarauga, with a Habano wrapper. The cigar comes in 5 sizes, 5.5x50 robusto grande (550), 6x54 torpedo (654T), 6x60 toro grande (660), 6x46 londsdale (646) and the subject of today's review a 5x43 corona (543). This was the first sample of this blend I've smoked.

The wrapper on this cigar is a golden brown in color with very slight veins. There was a slight amount of oil in the wrapper as well. The band is very similar to the other Cain's except for color. One thing I noticed about it is that it almost looked NASCAR like with the bars after Daytona. I don't know if that was intentional or not. When I gave the cigar a squeeze I was able to detect a slight amount of give with a couple small soft spots on it. Putting my nose to the wrapper I got the intense aroma of barnyard, with the same coming from the foot. After I clipped it and took a cold draw on it I got notes of sweetness with a good draw.

The first thing that hit me was a spice on the retrohale after lit it up. It wasn't as intense I've experienced with other Cains but it was more than I expected. As I took a couple more puffs on it I got notes of woodiness, leather and earth. The draw was very good and produced a lot of smoke. The ash was very white in color and needed to be tapped off after about half an inch due to being a bit crumbly. The burn was a little crooked but not too bad. Towards the end of the first third the finish tasted almost citrus like. Not something I'm used to in a cigar. By the end of the first third the cigar did come down in strength into the medium range.

As I progressed into the second third I tasted one of the weirdest tastes I've had with a cigar, popcorn. I know it is weird but it was there. That flavor did go away after a few puffs though. The main flavors continued to be wood, leather and earth. The spice was noticeably less present by this part of the cigar. The construction continued as before, very good.

The final third didn't see much change in the cigar. The flavors continued to be the same. The strength built a bit, but in my opinion never built out of the medium range.

Overall I enjoyed this cigar. While it isn't my favorite Cain, that falls to the F, it might become my second favorite. It wasn't overly strong but it did have lots of pleasant flavors. I need to smoke some other samples and sizes to see how they do. I am glad that Oliva is bringing out some smaller ring gauges out with this blend. I don't think this cigar should scare any smoker out there as it isn't too strong but has good flavors. The very reasonable price makes it so it won't break the bank to try as well.

Body: 6/10
Strength: 6/10
Complexity: 6/10

AFP Scale
Prelight: 2/2
Construction: 2/2
Flavor: 4/5
Value: 1/1
Total: 9/10

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  1. Nice pickup on the citusy flavor, Keith. I got that from it too, thought it tasted a little flora even. Very nice review, man!

  2. I've honestly never gotten much taste out of the cains. They have always been about power for me. Maybe since this one dies down on the power I might taste something for a change. Oh and I've had the popcorn taste before LOL I thought I was the only one.