Friday, August 13, 2010

Smoke One For...

The lady in the picture to the left is my wife's grandma, Luetta Hensley, who passed on from this life today. She was 92 and lived a very full life, growing up in rural West Virginia and helping to raise two siblings after her parents died young, moving to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area later, then finally spending the last 50 years of her life living in Southern California. She will be missed by her children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and all the spouses of those progeny...including me. She was spirited and feisty, quick-witted but a little hard of hearing in later years. She was a woman of strong faith and I believe she is already with our Savior, Jesus, as well as her husband, sister, son and others who went on before her. My own grandparents have long-since passed over (my maternal grandparents before I was even born and my dad's parents over 25 years ago now), so to me she was "Grandma" for the past 7 years that my wife and I have been married.

Would she approve of me asking y'all to "smoke one for her?" Good question! According to her biography, as a child she rolled a cigarette out of cornhusks, so I'm guessing she would be somewhat amused by someone raising a cigar in her honor.

The picture was taken by my father-in-law after a recent's probably the last really great picture of her and how she would most want to be remembered.


  1. Sorry for your lose, sounds like she was a great woman! My grandparents are long gone as well and my wife has a 91 year old Grammy, love visiting with her! Thanks for posting this!

  2. said...
    She was a wonderful woman and I am glad that my son had the privilege of knowing her and getting aquinted with her and her family.
    We knew her and her daughter and son-in-law and they are all wonderful people.
    God bless her and the whole family as the days to her funeral is on it way. Love to you all.
    Becky Jones