Saturday, June 19, 2010

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I want to start off this segment of News & Views with a tribute to one of our old regular features, Friday Funnies (yes, I am aware that this piece is posting on Saturday, not gets hectic sometimes!).

Many of you have probably seen the "Messin' With Sasquatch" commercials from Jack Link's Jerky. There is a new one that I found very funny and a related one that appears to be internet only:

We continue with a story about Carrie Fisher who has apparently lost touch with reality. She basically calls her father a slut, extols the benefits of electro-shock therapy, and calls pretty much all conservatives (and a fair number of moderate and Democrats) idiots. Oh, Princess Leia, if you don't know that the term "teabaggers" was applied to the TEA Party by far-leftist loons such as yourself, then you are nothing but an ignorant slut yourself.

Speaking of celebrities you would assume live on the far-left side of the ideological fence, kudos to Elton John for wishing to "build bridges instead of walls" by playing piano at Rush Limbaugh's wedding. And congratulations to Rush and his lovely bride, Kathryn! Over at National Review Online, Deroy Murdock looked at the difference in the way Elton was treated by Egypt and by the Limbaughs...and how each event was handled by the so-called "mainstream" press and other "fair-minded, tolerant" liberals.

In a far-different vein, I'm still wondering what the hell is up with Honda's styling department...the new Odyssey is the worst-looking mini-van since...since maybe minivans were first conceived. Never thought I'd see a car that makes the Pontiac Aztek look acceptable (not good, just acceptable). In good automotive news, Toyota will be completing a plant in Mississippi as a new Corolla-building facility. More jobs for the South is always a good thing.

A few things about the ongoing crisis in the Gulf of Mexico: Deroy Murdock (again) had an article about how President Obama refused to temporarily waive the Jones Act to receive help from about 15 foreign countries...before the oil ever washed ashore. The executive director of the Sierra Club wrote how this tragedy should be the impetus for us "breaking our oil habit" (I say, you first,'s a list of things made from crude oil...I don't want to see you using ANY of them!). The Coast Guard stopped barges from sucking oil out of the ocean, against the wishes of Louisiana's governor. Charles Krauthammer (the smartest man in whatever room he is in) opined on the President's prime-time address...I have nothing to add. Country star and former oil field worker, Trace Adkins, basically told the government where to stick it on an appearance on CNN. And a New York Post columnist believes that the President's "global warming agenda" will cause gas to rise to $7/gallon. Lots of stuff here, but the more I read and hear, the more it seems very evident that while oil gushed into the Gulf of Mexico the current administration did virtually nothing to prevent its spread. Foreign aid was refused. Sand berms around coastal marshlands were prevented with bureaucratic red-tape. If you want to believe in conspiracies, it's almost like they wanted the oil to wash up onshore and befoul wildlife so they could have those images in people's heads when they started pushing their "green economy" agenda.

One last piece of political news that straddles the line with our piece-ending cigar section: apparently the powers-that-be (mostly Fast Eddie Spendell) in Pennsylvania are once again trying to impose new taxes on cigars and other tobacco products. If you live in PA, fight these efforts; join the CRA if you have not already. Write letters to your representatives. If they don't respond, work to vote them out of office, no matter what their party affiliation.

Chris over at Nice Tight Ash fired up a Davidoff Millennium Blend last week; great cigar but I wish the price was less. The folks down at Toasted Foot smoked a La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet Oscuro, one of my all-time favorite smokes. Joe over at Ubi Cigar tried out a Punch Gran Puro; his description actually made me want to do something unusual and smoke a Punch! And, finally, last but not least, Mike over at Stogie Review (does anyone else post reviews there anymore? Just kidding, Walt!) smoked a Casa Fuente for the first time--great stick (but seriously, I'm convinced the next place we'll see Jerry Cruz's picture is on a milk carton!).

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