Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5 More TV Shows: Dirty Jobs

Dirty Jobs (Discovery)
Since 2005, Mike Rowe has been celebrating the jobs of the common man that are filthy and disgusting, but which make our lives a little easier because we do not have to perform those tasks ourselves.

From hot tar roofer to chimney sweep, avian vomitologist to casino food recycler, Rowe has found a constant stream of the worst jobs in America and has run across some pretty nice people that do them.

My personal worst was early in the first season when he worked with a disaster/hazmat cleanup crew in Queens, New York, to clean up the basement of a home where the toilet had not only backed up and run over, but had seemingly exploded under the pressure of a neighborhood-wide backup. There was sludge (polite term for fecal matter) and water damage throughout the entire basement and the house could not be inhabited until the entire mess was cleaned up. I did well until they got to the epicenter of the disaster, started scraping the mess from the toilet in question and I had to change the channel or risk losing my dinner. It takes a lot for me to feel ill--I don't gross-out easily--but this tipped the scale even for me.

Mike Rowe is a genial host with an easygoing manner who likes to have fun on the job, tends to slow down the process of any job, and begins to whine a bit when a job is particularly bad. Take the good and bad together and you get a great show idea with a great representative of the common man. Long live Mike Rowe! Long live Dirty Jobs!

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